Reflect on the following statement found on page 92, “This, we believe, is at the heart of choice:  knowing the expectations, possessing the skills to meet them, being trusted to carry them out, and taking responsibility to do so.” 

Allowing students to “check-in” gives them the chance to verbalize their choice and provides and increased sense of responsibility.  When will you introduce choice?  How will you introduce it?  Take the time now to copy your “check-in” sheets, find a clipboard, and be ready. 

This chapter includes some troubleshooting questions that are frequently asked.  Reflect on the core foundations, key materials/ routines/concepts, and the five individual tasks.  What questions do you still have? Collaborate with colleagues or visit to find your answers.  If the search engine doesn’t help, use the discussion board to collaborate with teachers from all over!

Congratulations!  You're done!!!

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