Work on Writing is a time where students are able to work individually or with a partner on writing of their choice.  Creating an anchor chart of ideas will help students to use their time wisely and get started right away.  What ideas/ options will be available for students in your room? 

As with all of the Dailies, Work on Writing requires explicit instruction and modeling.  A few procedures you may need to model include: how to find the next page in the writing journal, what to do if a pencil breaks, how to select a topic, what to do when you come to a word you don’t know (underline it and move on), etc.  What are your expectations in these scenarios?  Are there other procedures you will need to introduce as well? 

Remember, Word Work is not about the materials or the activity, but it is about the manipulation of letters and words.  What Word Work activities will be available for your students?  What are your expectations for getting out materials and putting them away?  What words will your students work with (spelling words, heart words, names, etc.)? 

Chapter 7: Putting It All Together and Troubleshooting

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