One of the first lessons taught in preparing a classroom for Daily Five, is the Three Ways to Read a Book. What will this lesson look like in your classroom?  What text(s) will you use to teach/review the Three Ways to Read a Book? 

Chapter four walks the reader through the introduction of Read to Self.  Read the chapter and visit to watch some of the many Read to Self videos.  What questions do you have?  Begin with day one in your classroom.  Use your book as a guide if you need to.  How will you teach Read to Self to your students?  (Then, collaborate with another teacher who uses Daily Five.  What worked well?  What will you do differently tomorrow?)

The length of a round of Daily Five (after stamina building) depends on grade and your teaching schedule.  How long will your rounds be?  What is your "goal" for stamina? 

Chapter 5: Read to Someone and Listen to Reading

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