What beliefs influence the decisions you make in your classroom?  Chapter two dives into the core foundations of Daily Five.  Do they Coincide with your beliefs?

Reflect on your classroom expectations.  Are they clear to students?  Do you teach expectations and trust that students will follow them?  Daily Five provides students with clear expectations and allows students to truly focus on what is being taught.  Aside from your literacy block, what other blocks of your schedule would benefit from explicit instruction of expections?  

“Daily Five works because we gradually build behaviors that can be sustained over time so children can easily be trusted to manage on their own.” (p.19)  Reflect on your teaching/ classroom structure.  Do you trust your students?  What areas do you need to give more guidance so that you can trust them...ALL of them?

Chapter 3: What's the Difference?: Key Materials, Concepts, and Routines for Launching the Daily Five

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